NRS Stud Book/Partbred Register

Commonly Standardbred horses, in Australia, are identified by their freeze brand.  Since 1993 six state Standardbred Pleasure Associations have formed and the recognition of the breed, within the showing and other equine activity areas, has grown significantly.  Over the years there have been a number of people who bred a purebred Standardbred for non-racing purposes; horses that do not display a recognised racing freeze brand.

In order to validate the authenticity of these horses negotiations over a number of years, by Rebecca Lund (Founder of the Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association of Victoria – SPPHAV) and Harness Racing Australia – HRA, resulted in a program that provides for the certification of these horses via DNA testing of the relevant bloodlines of horses involved.  Within those negotiations was the inclusion of certification of partbred Standardbred horses that carried no less than provable 25% Standardbred bloodlines.

Australians who wish to breed a purebred Standardbred horse but not register it for racing purposes can do so providing the horse is certified as a purebred Standardbred horse via DNA testing.

Similarly, people wishing to show a partbred Standardbred horse also need to prove the Standardbred component of the horse’s bloodlines via DNA testing before it can enter an event as a partbred Standardbred.

The Rules governing DNA testing of these horses are available here:   SPPHAV - NRS STUD BOOK

Registering a NRS (Non Racing) Standardbred

Registering a Partbred Standardbred

Please read the information in the NRS Studbook document then, if further information is required you can email: or call Maree Lund on  0427 004 821


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