About Us

About the SPPHAV

The Standardbred Pleasure & Performance Horse Association of Victoria offers encouragement and support to owners of ridden Standardbred and Partbred Standardbred horses.


Objectives of the Association

  • To promote the Standardbred as race horses and as pleasure and performance horses.
  • To raise the profile of the Standardbred in all equestrian events.
  • To provide fair and equal competition in all aspects of equestrian events.
  • To prove that the Standardbred is as good as any other breed in all aspects of the equestrian arena.
  • To inform the public of the versatility of the Standardbred.
  • To promote the good nature and temperament of the breed.
  • To provide a vehicle for owners of the Standardbred to meet and communicate.



  • Provides the means for owners to present their pure and partbred Standardbred horses in breed classes.
  • Assists owners to raise the level of their skills.
  • Encourages owners to compete alongside all other breeds at the many competitions held annually.

By becoming a member of the SPPHAV you help give this gentle, faithful horse the united front it needs for recognition in all equestrian activities, not just harness racing.

Whether your horse is a champion harness racer, a breeding stallion, a brood mare or a ridden gelding, when you register your pure or partbred Standardbred with the SPPHAV you can participate in a variety of equestrian events.

The SPPHAV offers:

  • • State Championships for pure and partbred Standardbreds.
    • State Dressage and Showjumping Championships for pure and partbred Standardbreds.
    • Annual Champagne Dressage Series pure and partbred Standardbreds.
    • Breed classes at agricultural and open shows for pure and partbred Standardbreds.
    • Annual breed and open show high point awards for pure and partbred Standardbreds.
    • Endurance and Trail Riding Awards.
    • Annual presentation of the Harness Racing Victoria HERO Program sponsored Perpetual Trophy.
    • Regular newsletters.
    • Rider and handler training days.
    • Certified (purebred) Non Racing Standardbred and partbred Standardbred registration.
    • Annual Dinner and Award Presentations.
    • Annual General Meeting.


The SPPHAV liaises with Harness Racing Victoria in matters relevant to the successful running of the Association. Harness Racing Victoria’s HERO Program sponsors the awarding of the SPPHAV's most prestigious award, the HRV HERO Perpetual Trophy.

A low annual membership and once-only horse registration fee enables you to become a part of all the SPPHAV has to offer. Join now and support the Standardbred and the SPPHAV.

The SPPHAV offers DNA certification and registration of purebred non-racing Standardbred and partbred Standardbred horses. Partbred horses must have a minimum 25% Standardbred bloodlines. Proof of all bloodlines are required when applying for these registrations. Without DNA certification and SPPHAV registration, non-racing Standardbred and partbred Standardbred horses cannot compete in breed competition in Victoria.

For any further details please contact us.

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