Objectives of the Association

  • To promote the Standardbred as race horses and as pleasure and performance horses.
  • To raise the profile of the Standardbred in all equestrian events.
  • To provide fair and equal competition in all aspects of equestrian events.
  • To prove that the Standardbred is as good as any other breed in all aspects of the equestrian arena.
  • To inform the public of the versatility of the Standardbred.
  • To promote the good nature and temperament of the breed.
  • To provide a vehicle for owners of the Standardbred to meet and communicate


  • provides the means for owners to present their pure and partbred Standardbred horses in breed classes
  • assists owners to raise the level of their skills
  • encourages owners to compete alongside all other breeds at the many competitions held annually

By becoming a member of the SPPHAV you help give this gentle, faithful horse the united front it needs for recognition in all equestrian activities, not just harness racing.

Whether your horse is a champion harness racer, a breeding stallion, a brood mare or a ridden gelding, when you register your pure or partbred Standardbred with the SPPHAV you can participate in a variety of equestrian events.



MF Hollywood - 2016 Supreme State Champion Led Standardbred Exhibit

Tramels Surprise - 2016 Supreme State Champion Led Partbred Standardbred Exhibit

Wor Jackie - 2016 Supreme State Champion Harness Standardbred Exhibit

MF Hollywood  -  2016 Supreme State Champion Standardbred Ridden


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